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Reconceptualizing Curriculum Development: Inspiring and Informing Action (2015) was edited by Dr. James Henderson and supported by 19 contributing authors.  The book is one of many in Routledge’s “Studies in Curriculum Theory” series and provides clear guidance on addressing the issue of curriculum theory into practice.  This book promotes Dr. William Pinar’s work and encourages teachers “to lead complicated conversations” as they journey through the current standardization of our educational system today.  My contribution to this chapter is entitled “Deliberative Conversation: Cross-Paradigm Critique and Negotiation” and it is about negotiating through the standardized management paradigm that we find ourselves in today.  The chapter is filled with stories that I encountered as an administrator and some ideas for “crossing paradigms” from total standardization to a democratically wise option of educating our students.  Taking part in writing this book prompted me to write, Out of the Dark.

Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik: Non-Affirmative Theory of Education (2017) was edited by Dr. Michael Uljens and Dr. Rosemary Ylimaki.  They invited a plethora of curriculum theorists to contribute various chapters to this book that highlights the gap between theory and practice in educational leadership.  I co-wrote a chapter entitled “Teachers and Administrators as Lead Professionals for Democratic Ethics: From Course Design to Collaborative Journeys of Becoming” along with colleagues Dr. Dan Castner, Dr. Rosemary Gornik, and Dr. James Henderson.  This book is international with contributing authors from all parts of the globe working together to advance the study of leadership and curriculum theory.  I am honored to be a small part of this great undertaking. To download this book for free, please go to

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Reconceptualizing Curriculum Development

Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik

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