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Bloom Where Planted

A story of redemption and forgiveness after growing up in the foster care system. This book chronicles the life story of Ava, a girl caught up in “the system.” She recalls her childhood and young adulthood with horrifying details, but also shows true forgiveness and ultimately, self-acceptance. Told with blatant honesty, this story illustrates the hidden world of abuse and the challenge of overcoming adversity at all costs.

“Bloom Where Planted” received two awards from the Florida Writers Association.  Winifred Grace and Ava McCarthy lovingly wrote the book using pseudonyms because of the age of Ava’s daughter at the time of publication.  

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When you purchase this book, you're giving back.

10% of all proceeds from this book will be donated to Deaconess Home in the care of Mr. Gordon; to be used at his discretion because of his limitless love and unwavering devotion to the possibility of change.



This is an excellent read.  I had trouble putting it down.  The heroine in this book (I call her that because she truly is) persevered over so many obstacles time and time again and turned her life around.

- Deborah

I can't write anything that could give this book the praise it deserves. If you think you can't make it through your life's shadows. Read this book. You will find strength. All things are possible.

- Jared

This is a story that leaves you feeling empowered and celebrating the power of courage. So glad I read this one!

- Christine

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