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The First Wrinkle

Available for purchase today!

Our first memories never go away, they make a lasting imprint on our brain and fresh memories attach themselves to the older ones.  What does this mean?  “The First Wrinkle” is permanent.  When the first memory contains trauma, people can develop a fight, flight, or freeze response that emotionally triggers a survival mode reaction, when in fact, there is no imminent danger. 

“The First Wrinkle” chronicles authentic stories of four adults in foster care living in different locations in the United States, who lived with childhood trauma. In alternating chapters, the book offers the hopeful and honest stories of people who try to support children; first responders, volunteers, and foster parents. 

“The First Wrinkle” is a loving follow-up to “Bloom Where Planted” and a tribute to the brave men and women from all over our country, who volunteered to share their stories.  It is my hope that you read this book with your eyes wide open without judgment and that it prompts a needed change in our foster care system in this great country.  Like the first responders, volunteers, and foster parents presented in this book, find a way to be a part of the change in this hidden epidemic we call abuse. 

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The First Wrinkle won this incredible award from the Florida Writers Association!

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